We are BAM the Backpackers, two twenty somethings from Essex on a tour of Europe and Asia. With a shoestring budget shorter than a deposit on a house, we’re running from responsibility and seeing the world before we settle down and accept adulthood.

Billie + Sam = BAM … Or Sillie, but if possible we’d like to keep our mothers’ hearts the correct distance away from their mouths for the 9 months it will take us to return home.

We lived in the same small town and went to the same secondary school, but somehow our paths didn’t properly cross until we had escaped to different universities and returned with an unscratchable itch to explore the world beyond Harwich, Warwick and Canterbury.

A common observation about us as a couple is that, to put it more politely than most of those who make it, we are old before our time. That is to say, rather than needing to know where the hottest nightclubs are, we’re much more likely to know where the original stalls for local delicacies are and have spots for “nice little sit downs” already marked on the map. We don’t see this as a bad thing; after all, he who laughs with the best stroopwafel in Amsterdam in his belly, truly laughs best.

With a shared love of the finer things in life and preferring to be comfortable than to crash anywhere when too drunk to care, our blog will pay attention to living well for less and learning as we go.

Follow us for tales of our travels, articles on food, festivals, city hotspots, tips for budding backpackers and, most importantly of all, where to get a good cup of coffee anywhere in the world!